Industry Leadership

We are an industry-leading titles & settlement services company, with the expertise and experience needed to boost productivity and reduce costs associated with mortgage title searching.

What We Do

The origination process is complex, and title and closing operations may impact the completion of your business objectives. We offer title and closing support services to businesses who need assistance. Some of our services in this space include order entry, e-recording of documents, indexing, payoff information management, recording QC, appraisal services, doc follow up, and recruitment services. All of our services are both consistent, sustainable, and industry compliant, so trust us to provide exceptional service.

Mortgage Lifecycle

At TransData, we follow the standard interactive lifecycle which allows for efficiency. This lifecycle starts when you decide to purchase property and continues until the final payment is made to the loan provider. Our team will ensure that each step in this cycle is carried out fully, providing you with a seamless customer experience.

Our Experience

With more than five years in this industry, we have the experience you want from a company working on your title and settlement project. We work with companies and lenders from all industries, and we have hundreds of happy clients across many verticals. Contact us to learn how we can help you today!

How it works?

Order Entry

Opening the order in the Title companies' platform.


Electronic submission of documents.


We split the documents into defined categories.


We call lenders to get updated payoff information.

Recording QC

Recordable docs are reviewed for accuracy.

Appraisal Services

We deliver appraisal reports to the lenders after ensuring accuracy.

Doc Follow Up

We collect the recording information for all documents.