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Tier 1 technical support services covers the basics, including troubleshooting and issue diagnosis. It refers to the most fundamental aspects of providing technical or non-technical help to a customer. The target for this team is to resolve 80-90% of issues to achieve SLA standards.

A competent Level 1 support team reduces the time and money needed to provide services and enables Level 2 & Level 3 support staff to deal with major problems.

To ensure that clients can comprehend the software’s features, the IT Help Desk assists them in the most convenient way possible. Aside from that, executives providing chat support for technological concerns must be well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced to provide a timely, suitable, and rapid solution.

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A Story that leads to a 400% Increase in ROI

Our client has been the highest-rated automobile shipping company on many sites. They needed a successful customer onboarding partner to work as an extension of their team and provide around-the-clock support services. They contacted TransData to get trained Level 1 & Level 2 support staff for handling a massive support volume.

We provided a complete business process management solution and resolved their Level 1 chat 190k+ tickets in 7 years (per their need). As a result, they have achieved a 5-star rating in top automobile shipping service and a 400 times increase in their ROI.

Improve your customer experience today

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