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Within a three-tiered technical support model, this is the highest level of support and is responsible for resolving the most complex or advanced issues. Level 3 executives are accountable for helping Level 1 and Level 2 professionals, as well as recommending solutions to the development team as a laison between the customer and newly discovered obstacles.

They make changes to the code to fix bugs, conduct research, improve the solution to combat new or undiscovered issues, determine the cause of the problems, and maximize available resources.

Majorly by listening to the end customer issues they can find a solution to practically any situation that requires high levels of technological expertise and are accountable for investigating solutions to previously unidentified problems.

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Here’s How Our Client Reached Up To 92% Customer Retention Rate

A job board platform was facing numerous technical issues with its job portal, leading to a high volume of customer complaints and support requests. The poor feedback from customers was affecting the company’s reputation. They approached our Level 3 Technical Support to help resolve their technical issues and improve the overall customer experience.

We provided technical support services that included the creation of new system logins, updating the account information, posting new jobs on the portal, adding a complete billing feature within the system, validating customer accounts for better security, and creating custom packages according to the customer needs. This solution helped them reduce customer complaints by 50% and resolution time from 72 hours to 48 hours.

Improve your customer experience today

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